Mumbai, INDIA

(19th Oct, 2024) – Time (11:00 AM – 9:00 PM)

Awards Distribution By 
Esha Deol 

(19th Oct, 2024) – Time (11:00 AM – 9:00 PM)

Awards Distribution By 
Esha Deol 

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  • The Excellency Awards Ceremony is on 19th Oct, 2024, at Mumbai, (INDIA)         The Excellency Iconic Awards is on 19th Oct, 2024, at Mumbai, (INDIA)        The Excellency Awards Ceremony is on 19th Oct, 2024, at Mumbai, (INDIA)

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Meet The Judges

The awards are judged by an esteemed panel of industry leaders and experts, the judging is a rigorous two-stage process including pre-scoring to determine shortlists and a judging meeting where entries are discussed and evaluated in detail to decide the winning entries.

From a transparency perspective, we may video aspects of the judging session to give entrants an insight into why a winning entry was chosen.

Every entry at Excellency Awards is assessed by an independent judging panel. All our judges are seasoned professionals with distinguished careers; many have judged with us several times before and keep coming back!

Using the scoring criteria, they’ll carefully scrutinize your written submission and live presentation. Scores from each judge are added together to determine the winners in each category. After the event, every finalist will receive a detailed Feedback Report with constructive comments that help you improve your business performance going forward.

Our judge selection process is ongoing, but as soon as we add more judges to our line-up, we’ll post their details on here. Scroll down to see who’s taking part this year!

If you’re interested in becoming a judge, please fill the form below, or email at

Become a Judges

We're looking for experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic professionals to be official judges at Excellency Awards could this be you? Becoming a judge lets you join a global business community - and you can help shape the strategies of the future. Additionally, you will have fantastic networking opportunities, build valuable contacts, learn about what world-leading companies are up to, and be promoted online to our entire community. And if you apply early, there's even more: The sooner you apply, the more times your profile will be promoted on our channels You will also have the freedom to choose whichever categories you like, including the most popular ones – there is a limit to how many judges can apply for a certain category, so put yourself forward as soon as you can!