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  • The Award Ceremony is on June 24, 2023, at Trade Center, Exhibition & Convention Center, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai (UAE)

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Excellency Awards (EA) – aims to serve as a guide, an inspiration, an archive, and a reward to business people, entrepreneurs, and creators for their skills so that they continue to improve

What makes Excellency Award Unique?

We try to make your application process as simple as possible. This is to enable all organisations both large and small that are at various levels of Workplace Engagement to apply easily and effectively:

Our objective is to nurture and promote the innovative spirit of our community allowing it to raise professional and international standards, to promote intellectual and tactical strategies, and to develop an interactive, proactive, and reactive society that aims at providing recognition to leaders in the most superlative way

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Application Process

Complete Registration, Payment and Access Online Application Form

Complete Online Application Form

Submit Completed Application Form with Support Documents

First Level Screenings and Evaluations of Applications

Conduct Site Visits
(If Applicable)

Shortlisting of Each Category Finalists

Evaluation of Finalists by Jury Members

Announcement of Winners at Awarding Ceremony

The Awards

There was a time when people used to believe that you didn’t have to be happy at work to succeed. And you didn’t need to like the people you work with, or even share their values. But things have changed, and a growing number of organizations are investing heavily to make employees happy, an investment that brings unexpected benefits to both the organization and its customers.

We want to celebrate those organizations that have demonstrated extraordinary leadership attributes, compassion and purpose in the creation of a sustainable, healthy, and happy workplaces where people can thrive. Forward-thinking organisations that are increasingly recognizing that happiness translates into tangible operational outcomes and has an impact on the bottom line.

The ambition of this Award scheme is clear: Recognizing excellence in workplace 
responsibility by evaluating the processes and policies that support Happiness of the workforce.

The specific objectives of the Award are:

  • recognizing organizations that are game changers, the forward-thinking ones that strive to do things differently and put their workforce at the heart of its operations.
  • highlight leading examples of companies actively looking at creating a workplace culture that nurtures, engages employees and reinforces their role in a sustainable future.
  • promote and share good practices and celebrate the achievements of winning organizations and appreciating the journey undertaken by all the organizations’ that applied for the award.
The Excellency Award is managed by Sustainable Mindz, a pioneering strategic Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (CSR) expertise Centre in the Globe. Sustainable Mindz believes that the conventional way of enabling companies to become more socially and environmentally responsible is not enough for creating change, and focuses on enabling organizational excellence that is fun, engaging and sustainable.


Sectors in which the Excellency Award is offered:

Applicants to the Excellency Awards are drawn from all sectors of the economy as follows:










Oil & Gas


Voluntary Organizations

Participate In The 2023 Excellency Awards?

Want your company to be associated with recognising excellence in the industry?

Stand out from your competitors by demonstrating your leadership & support for innovation in the industry. Be part of this high profile virtual networking event uniting the elite in Industry. From high profile branding to endless online networking opportunities, the Awards will put you ahead of the rest.

Showcase Your Brand

  1. Being a part of Excellency Awards provides your brand access to global and regional marketing platforms via online media.
  2. Your participation affirms that your organisation is investing an active agenda to improve your workplace, satisfying current employees and attracting talent.

Recognise & Motivate Your Teams

  1. Entering the Excellency Awards is a way to thank and honour valued employees and to show you care about the future of your workplace, making you more attractive as an employer.
  2. Your award application helps reflect on the achievements, challenges and areas of improvement which is vital for any developing business.
  3. Being nominated, shortlisted or winning an award can help boost staff morale and improve motivation.

Celebrate In Style

  1. The awards are an excellent opportunity to network virtually with hundreds of senior professionals, showcase your work and learn from others.
  2. Celebrate all the hard work and successes of the industry with 24 awards, covering every aspect of work including; Employee Experience, Technology, Recruiting, L&D and Achieving Excellence.

Request the Entry Kit

Requesting the entry kit will not obligate you to submit nominations. We have a very strict policy and will not share your details with other organizations. Review our policy.

How To Participate

1. Submit your email address here to be sent the entry kit. The entry kit contains complete instructions on how to participate. (We have a strict privacy policy.)

2. Prepare your entries according to the instructions.

3. Submit your entries through this web site. 

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