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(24th Feb, 2024)

(13th July, 2024)  

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(14th Oct, 2023)                                (24th Feb, 2024)                                      (13th July, 2024)                     

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Latest Update
  • The Excellency Awards Ceremony is on 24th February, 2024, at Trade Center, Exhibition & Convention Center, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai (UAE)         The Excellency Iconic Awards is on 14th October, 2023, at Bangalore, India      The Excellency Iconic Awards is on 13th July, 2024, at Dehradun, India

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Awards Categories

The Excellency Award accepts entries in 25 different types of categories. The Jury will make a pick based on all submitted applications.

For this year’s Excellency Awards, we have prepared an updated and refined set of 25 categories you can apply for.

They are divided into five distinct groups, each celebrating a particular aspect of business excellence.

  • Customer Experience Categories
  • Employee Experience Categories
  • Sustainability and CSR Categories
  • Business & Innovation Categories
  • People Categories


Take a closer look at each of the categories and pick the ones that best represent your initiative. The more you enter, the more chance you have of winning. Be sure to include the people categories, leader, professional and team.

Excellency Awards are now regarded as a benchmark of Corporate Excellence worldwide.

No other Business Award today receives the kind of Recognition and Adulation among peers, that Excellency does. Today, there are a large number of Business Awards globally. The purpose is to create a competition for raising overall standards and recognise the achievements of the best performing organisations. The question is how relevant, elaborate and predetermined are the criteria and how impartial is the assessment process?

Excellency Awards for Leadership and Institutional Excellence, over the time, have become a hallmark of excellence, both locally and globally. No award has achieved such respectability and admiration from the industry as the ‘Excellency Awards’, which today receives around 1000 applications for various Awards each year. This is largely due to its transparent and 3-Tier evaluation process, based on internationally recognized criteria. Besides recognition & Award, mere preparation of information and compilation of data required for ‘Self-Appraisal Report’, helps to align and inspire the entire workforce and rapidly accelerates the pace of system improvement in an organisation.

Award winners are eligible to use the Excellency Awards Logo with year, on all printed and promotional materials, which evidences the highest accolade received by the organisation.