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  • The Award Ceremony is on June 24, 2023, at Trade Center, Exhibition & Convention Center, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai (UAE)

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This year

Excellency Iconic Awards

will be presented in the following & few other categories:

Brand of the Year

Business Woman of the Year

Businessman of the Year

Young Entrepreneur








Lifetime Achievement Award

Build Your Brand

Winning an award can certainly be a powerful way to build your brand, as it provides external validation and recognition of your achievements. The use of an awards logo on your promotional materials can help to establish credibility and increase brand awareness, which can lead to new business opportunities and increased sales.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that winning an award should not be the sole focus of your branding strategy. Rather, it should be one element of a larger plan to establish your brand’s unique value proposition and differentiate yourself from competitors.

Awards Overview

Participating in an award shows your appreciation for the achievements of your performance and to help you to stay motivated and bring more encourage. Excellency Iconic Award is could also be a great PR Tool for your promotion.

Excellency Awards is the flagship annual event of Fav Fairs. It is the final destination for brands, investors, disruptors and innovators where they discuss, debate and dissect what the future holds in a vibrant atmosphere.

Fav Fairs brings together the Movers and Shakers of India and Asia Pacific. Watch how they unleash their magic. Excellency Iconic Awards will be a melting pot to meaningfully combine People, Platform, Practice & Profit to build Successful Enterprises.

Who doesn’t like a reward for their hard work and commitment shown throughout the year? Get your rich reward from the world’s most prestigious media for brands.

Fav Fairs presents the awards to a selection of the finest in the industry. It is a token of appreciation of to celebrate the talent that brings the best to the world.

"Recognizing the positive contributions and achievements of individuals and organizations worldwide"

Excellency Iconic Awards (EIA). It appears that the awards aim to recognize and celebrate individuals and organizations across various industries and sectors for their innovative excellence and exceptional contributions.

Having more than fifty award categories available to choose from allows for a broad range of nominees to be recognized for their achievements. It’s also notable that the awards are open to a variety of organizations, from public to private and for-profit to non-profit, which further emphasizes the diversity of industries and sectors that the EIA aims to celebrate.

Overall, the EIA seems to be a comprehensive awards program that recognizes excellence across multiple sectors and industries. It may be a valuable opportunity for individuals and organizations to gain recognition and build their brand. However, as previously mentioned, it’s important to carefully evaluate the credibility and relevance of any awards program before applying or participating.









Healthcare & Wellness

Why Excellency Iconic Awards..?

The Excellency Iconic Awards honours the far-reaching work and efforts of professionals, entrepreneurs and organizations in almost every business sector across the Globe.

  • Certified Level of Quality
  • Grow Your National and International Reputation
  • Online Profile Display
  • Get Featured on Partner Website
  • PR & Marketing
  • Gain Exposure & Mentions in Press Release

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