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Excellency Book of Records

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Frequently Asked Questions

Record is proven information related to any person, organization or event. This valid information should be backed with evidences and can be measured and witnessed.

Book of Record is proven information related to any person, organization or event; if it is unique/ extraordinary/ special in some way or happening for the first time. A claimant must be able to prove this achievable, measurable, challengeable and recognizable incident with proper evidences. It may be a personal achievement or an incident.

There are few ways by which a record is recognized officially as Book of Record. Most common method is receiving a claim in which a person presents a claim to EBR to recognize the attempt as book of record. In some cases someone else also claims the record on behalf of a person/ incident, our research team also find something unique or extraordinary and recognizes it through honoris causa.

The record setting process consists of four steps:

1. Record Application
2. Approval from EBR team
3. Record attempt following all the procedural guidelines
4. Sending the Claim Form along with evidence.

After you receive the confirmation along with your Claim ID; you need to follow the instructions mailed by EBR.

If you are planning to attempt a book of record in future then you are supposed to fill the ‘Record Application Form’ and mail us. Our team will scrutinize it and mail you the ‘Record Specific Guideline’ which you need to follow at the time of book of Record attempt. This guideline would help you to ensure the attempt turn in to a successful record attempt.

If you have already attempted a Book of Record (like collection of something); then you are supposed to fill the ‘Record Claim Form’ and mail us along with all evidences and witness statements for scrutiny and recognition.

You can get the form from the official website of Excellency Book of Record (EBR); ‘’ from the download section.

Yes, but we accept the 3rd party record claims only in special cases. You need to complete all the formalities and provide all the evidences.
You can submit the record claim any time after attempting the record; provided you must have all the evidences.
It depends on the record process method selected by applicant’s.
For On-the-Spot Recognition; Records Management Judge (RMJ) must attend your event and verify your record immediately. The additional charge of on-the-spot recognition ($ 175) along with the cost of stay, food and travelling of the adjudicator must be borne by the organizer/sponsor.
No, it’s not necessary. You can send video recording and photographs with all required documents to our office for record approval. You need to invite the Records Management Judge (RMJ) only for on-the-spot recognition.

Excellency Book of Records is an independent Book of Records keeping authority. Our role is just to verify a claim and certify it as a Book of Record in EBR.
We do neither pay a Book of Record setter/breaker for their personal achievement nor provide any direct or indirect financial assistance.

Excellency Book of Records works through an online portal which is updated every day for the convenience of the visitors and aspirants. We try to keep all the records on the website which are liked/most browsed by the people. Recently we have started the previous Book of Record holder section and we are keeping the name of a Book of Record Holder forever in our official website (current as well as previous book of record holders).

There are thousands of Book of Records in our database and these are counting on every day. We try to present a sufficient number of Book of Records in all categories online. If you have recently set/break a Book of Record then check the site regularly; your achievement should be online within 2-3 months after the approval. If still not found on the website then kindly inform us through email.

We do provide the details of most of the records on the website; which are successfully attempted till date.

We always welcome our readers, visitor or aspirants’ views to update the Book of Records data. You are supposed to inform us the correction through email.

Yes, if you are a Excellency Book of Records holder then you can use the logo and word mark of EBR. By becoming the Record holder of Excellency Book of Records; you are taking on the responsibility of becoming our Brand Ambassador. We allow you to use the name and logo of EBR at your visiting cards, websites, letter heads, advertisements, endorsements etc.

This is to be noted that only Excellency Book of Record holders are allowed to use the logo and wordmark of EBR on an exclusive basis. Anybody else can not use it.

Following can give the witness statement:

  • Gazetted officers
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Notarized Advocate
  • Resident Doctor
  • Elected Representatives
  • EBR Book of Record holders
  • Person with national or International recognition
  • Head of an education Institutions
  • Head of any recognized Not- for- Profit Organization like Lion or Rotary Club etc.

Note: Person giving witness statement must not have blood relation with the person attempting a Book of Record and in case of institutional attempt s/he should not have any relation with the organization.

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