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  • The Excellency Awards Ceremony is on 19th Oct, 2024, at Mumbai, (INDIA)         The Excellency Iconic Awards is on 19th Oct, 2024, at Mumbai, (INDIA)        The Excellency Awards Ceremony is on 19th Oct, 2024, at Mumbai, (INDIA)

Excellency Book of Records

Where we inspire individuals and groups of all ages, communities, & countries to define success in the most unconventional ways.
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Adjudication Services

It is great to have the presence of an Excellency Book of Records Judge for showcasing your achievement on a platform that attracts higher media attention and makes your event graceful and unforgettable with on the site verification and certification.

Types of Adjudication Services

On the SIte Adjudication: The Charge of this service is INR 80,000/-

Online Adjudication: The Charge of this service is INR 45,000/-

Our Official Excellency Book of Records Representative will attend your event for on the site verification and certification. All requests are considered on an individual basis and incur costs such as travelling expenses including airfares, Taxi Fare, accommodation in a good hotel and food etc. Send an application as early as possible prior to your attempt. It will include some costs according to the location, city, state and country.

  • Get an instant reply to every query in a single working day.
  • Designated Record Manager to guide you to complete your application.
  • On Spot Evidence Verification and instant Certification at the event, no need to wait for the result.
  • Save a lot of money and avoid many evidence requirements which are mandatory.
  • Independent witnesses are not required when official Adjudicators are present at your event.
  • Expert help and guidance to save unwanted expenses of the event.


Fee may vary depending on the type of event, the number of days and place. Please submit the “Title Check Application Form” to get the right service charges details applicable for your region.

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Whether you’d like more information or advice on nominating someone, want to get involved as a judge or to sponsor an award, our friendly team are here to help you.

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Excellency Book of Records (EBR) is a Organisation in India managed by Fav Fairs (Three Fingers Entertainment Ltd.), which caters and honoured to India’s Incredible Talents and Record Holders Globally. EBR is committed to assist each and every aspirant who has the capacity and firm determination to do something extraordinary and amazing. Aspirants are mentioned and guided to convert their unique skills into the record